What is IPTV Restream

IPTV Restream with us it means you use our stream with your server and your customer use from your server. Every Stream you need one connection.

If you want to have 100 channels you need to buy 100 connections. For example, you buy 100 connections from us, you can put 100 channels on your server and have all customers watch in the same list channels with 100 channels.

How many customers can use from your server it is defended on the bandwidth of your server.


Get IPTV Panel

To start your IPTV restream business: You need to buy Xtream-Code license. You have to buy it from the official website.


Setup Server

If you just start to restreaming and looking for a server, I recommend Streaming-Servers.com


Channels & VOD's

We have 3.000+ channels and 5.000+ VOD for IPTV restream. If you have any question, feel free to contact us.

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Uptime Time

Key Features

The first, you need a stable server and have a built-in Xtream-Code license, this is the platform for IPTV restream.

3.000+ Channels

We provide 3.000+ channels for you to stream on your server.

5.000+ VOD's

You can rent VOD or buy and upload them to your server.


We also offer channels of 42 countries, so what can we all provide?

Free Trial

Try a 12 hours trial with 1 connections to experience the service, then buy it later.

Stable Server

With over 100+ best servers. You can rest assured about the stability of the server.


We have been working and developing continuously for 5 years.


More than 100,000 customers trust. So you just rest assured.


Only € 1.00 for 1 connection



Restream IPTV that means you use my stream with your server and your customer use from your server.

The total user can use your IPTV service depends on your server (bandwidth of your server).

For example, your server has 1Gbps guaranteed-bandwidth about 250 users can watch at the same time.

Streaming Servers

Some company has the good server for IPTV: Streaming-Servers, WorldStream, OVH

If you just start to restreaming and looking for a server, I recommend Streaming-Servers.com. They have the good server for restream with many locations. When you order a server from them and make a note: iYZiTV Restream you will have 10% discount on the third month of usage.




Most Popular Questions Asked By Users Are Answered

At the moment we’re accepting PayPal, Skrill and Bitcoins:
Here are account details to pay for restream account:
For PayPal use Friends and Family Option ONLY
PayPal Email: Please contact us for updated email address.
BTC Address: Please contact us for updated email address.
Skrill: Please contact us for updated email address.

Whatsapp: +1 (850) 888 00 33

Sure, simply fill , this form select type of trial as restream trial and we’ll be back to your e-mail soon.

Simply Pay 150 EUR (150 connections) with PayPal, confirm it to us and wait for mins. We’ll send you m3u link with allowed connections and you can start using.

Pricing for a restream connections are bellow:
1 Month minimum 150 connections: 1 EUR per connection

Do you have any Questions?

Whatsapp: +1 (850) 888 33 00

Order Now

We provide IPTV Restreaming solution for you with stable streams starting from 1 Euro per channel and minimum 150 channels.

PayPal Email: Please contact us for updated email address.